Investigate Europe

© Alexia Barakou
Exposing structural abuses of power at the European level, “Investigate Europe” is enriching media coverage with its multiplicity of perspectives and excellent investigations.

“Investigate Europe” is a research network of journalists from eleven European countries. These media professionals work collectively on topics that are of political or social relevance throughout Europe. To name but a few, they have investigated Europe’s dependence on Microsoft, the control of Europe’s external borders and the exploitation of Eastern European truck drivers. The results are published across Europe in different media and languages.

Globalisation is making relationships increasingly complex, and crises do

not stop at national borders. Through the different national perspectives, “Investigate Europe” is able to look at European issues in a holistic way and make connections more easily understandable. The collaborative working method and the collective’s goal of “research once, publish 28 times” are an exemplary model for sustainable cross-border cooperation in journalism. The journalistic quality and the innovative business model of “Investigate Europe” have won us over.

Funding period2016-2022
Funding amount110,000 Euro